Lesson plan: Activity 10

Lesson plan: Activity 10

This is the 10th activity in the Jumpstart Sequence. In this activity students will work on their To Do Lists. Students should be able to complete this activity almost 100% self-guided. It could be done in class, or assigned as independent work. This activity should take you 5-10 minutes to set up and should take students 25 minutes to complete.

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Check off item(s) on their To Do List(s)
  2. Reflect



  • Internet-connected computer


  • Internet-connected computer

Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is required.

Note: For this activity, students will be working on checking items off their To Do List(s) and taking real world, concrete steps towards accomplishing their goals. Therefore, the majority of the time they will spend on this activity will likely be outside of CareerVillage. They will use the To Do List(s) they created on CareerVillage to remain organized and have a basis for what they need to do. As a result, there is no need to create an assignment on CareerVillage.

Begin the activity

Step 1: Email instructions to your students

To assign the activity to your students, email them:

  • This web page for the activity plan
  • Ask your students to share a reflection (usually a short 1-5 sentence written response to a prompt)
  • Instructions on how you'd like to receive their reflections
  • Reflection prompt (ie: What progress have you made on checking things off your to do list? If you haven't made progress, why?)
  • A reminder that they should keep track of their reflections so that they can read them later which will help them for their Project Status Reports and the "growth" portion of their Final Presentation.

Example email:

Hi Class! Here is today's CareerVillage activity. Today we will continue working on our To Do List(s). The majority of your time will be spent working on your individual to do's. It's time to start the activity: Please open this link to watch short video to learn more what you're working on today, and follow the steps on that page. Please complete this activity by [DUE DATE HERE] At the end of the activity, you should reply to this email with a reflection. Be sure to keep track of your reflections so you can read them later in the course. Reflection prompt: What progress have you made on checking things off your to do list? If you haven't made progress, why?

Background Knowledge

  • Additional resources: The educator resource page is available here.


  • Formative: Instructor should collect student reflections (by email or any other method)


If you have questions, feedback, or suggestion on this Lesson Plan, please contact us here.