Activity 41

Activity 41

This is Activity #41 in the Maximum Impact Activity Sequence. It is expected to take 2 hours . The goal is to finalize your final project and presentation. This work session can be broken out into smaller sessions to accommodate your schedule - use your best time management skills to finalize your project template and prepare for your upcoming presentation.

Overview video

You will need:

  1. Computer with internet access
  2. The Final Project Template you've been working on (from Activity 1, Activity 6, and Activity 11, Activity 15, etc.)
  3. Instructions from your instructor letting you know whether you will be working independently or as part of a group as your prepare for your final project

Do Now: Work On Your Final Project

Step 1: Watch the quick overview video above to introduce today's activity.

Step 2: Work on and finalize your project template.

  1. If you do NOT have a project group: Finalize your project template to add your latest thinking about your career goals, plans, and progress. Feel free to review what you've learned on in addition to your Reflection Log.
  2. If you have a project group: Make sure you dedicate some time to work individually before meeting up with your group. Afterwards, share your updated project template with your project group. Give each other the opportunity to speak about what you're thinking, and help each other come up with new ideas to become better prepared for your career goals and your upcoming presentations. Some questions you could discuss as a group:
    • How have our project templates improved?
    • Which sections of your project template do you need the most work on?
    • What are some things I've done recently from my Career To Do List that have helped me make progress toward my career goals?
    • Which answers have I received on CareerVillage that have been particularly helpful?
    • What is the biggest obstacle in completing this project template and how can I overcome it?
FYI: This activity is dedicated to working on and finalizing your project template. We estimate it will take you 2 hours to finish your template and class presentation. Your instructor may have told you to break out this activity over a few days. If so, follow their instructions. Otherwise, use your best judgement and time management skills to finalize your presentation and templates. Your class presentation will be in Activity 42.

Step 3: After you have finished your project template, think about how you'd like to present it to your class and make any necessary preparations such as practicing or writing out a script for what you'd like to say. If you do not know how long your presentation should be, reach out to your instructor to find out. Otherwise, plan for it to be 4-5 minutes long.

Pro Tip: Don't spend too much time on your presentation before you have made significant progress on your project template. It will be much easier to prepare your final presentation once your project template is complete.

Step 4: Send your instructor your reflection


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