Activity 12

Activity 12

This is Activity #12. It is expected to take 25 minutes. The goal is to post new career questions (which will get answered over the coming days by working professionals), review the answers you received from the questions you asked previously, and explore other students' questions. You should ask questions that will help you improve your career readiness.

Overview video

You will need:

  1. Computer with internet access

Do Now: Post New Career Questions

Step 1: Go to and sign in

Step 2: Go to your profile and read any new responses you've received

Step 3: Say thank you to professionals who have given you advice by commenting on their answer

Step 4: Consider asking a follow up question if you are curious!

Step 5: Find out from your instructor how many new questions you should ask for this activity. If your instructor did not assign a specific number of questions, then ask 2 questions.

Step 6: Post questions you need to get answered to prepare for your career. You can post a question at You must be logged into CareerVillage to access that page.

Step 7: Explore questions other students' have asked on CareerVillage by either searching for a hashtag you are interested in, checking out your School's Feed, or simply scrolling through the homepage.

Step 8: Add to your Reflection Log for Activity 12 and send your instructor your reflection (usually a short written note of 1-5 sentences) answering the question "What did you learn today that will help you on your career path?" Use whichever method your instructor has specified.


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