Lesson plan: Activity 40

Lesson plan: Activity 40

This is the 40th activity in the Maximum Impact Sequence. In this activity students will complete their final Career Status Check. This activity should take you 5 minutes to set up and should take students 15 minutes to complete.

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Complete the final Career Status Check (CAAS-SF and Career Engagement Survey)



  • Internet-connected computer


  • Internet-connected computer

Advanced Preparation

None necessary.

Begin the activity

To assign the activity to your students, email them:

  • This web page for the activity plan
  • Instructions on how to show evidence they have completed the Career Status Check.

Example email:

Hi Class! Today you will be completing your final Career Status Check. This will be identical to the one you took a few weeks ago and is intended to track your progress. Please follow this link to the activity that has a Career Status Check waiting for you to complete. Please complete this activity by [DUE DATE HERE] When you are done, please send me proof that you have completed this Career Status Check. This could be a screenshot of the end screen.

Background Knowledge

  • Additional resources: The educator resource page is available here.


  • Baseline: Students will complete a Career Status Check showing progress on career maturity, career engagement, and other related measures. Educators who request it will be sent a copy of student results at the class level. To request results, please contact us here. We will work to get you results as soon as possible.

Please Note: We can only give score results for students that are in your CareerVillage classroom.


If you have questions, feedback, or suggestion on this Lesson Plan, please contact us here.