4. Your First To-Do List

4. Your First To-Do List

Activity 4 (30 minutes): The goal for this activity is to create 2 To Do Lists.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to stay organized and make sure you are keeping track of steps that will help in your career path. Create 2 to do lists - one for career prep and one for the Workplace Challenge OR Project Based Learning.

Overview Video

Do Now: Create a To Do List

Step 1: Go to www.careervillage.org and sign in

Step 2: Create one To Do List titled 'Career Prep Activities’

Step 3: Add 5 to dos

Step 4: Create another To Do List to prepare for either your Workplace Challenge or Project Based Learning and label it accordingly. It's important to stay ahead of your priorities! If you don't have much to add yet, don't worry - you can always add to it when you do.

All done! You've finished Activity 4. For the next activity, go here.