Quotes from Students

Quotes from Students

Question asked:

Has any of the advice you've gotten and/or read been helpful for you in your decisions or career goals?

If yes, I'd like to ask you two things:

How did the advice make you feel?

Did you take any action or make any decisions after reading the advice?

1. Aun M.'s testimonial

Career village has opened my eyes to prospects and opportunities I’d never have expected. It has enabled me to look further in my career, and establish new goals that have provided me with a framework to ultimately achieve my professional endeavors. This advice has manifested the excitement that I have been dwelling for ages in order to see results. Because of the priceless advice provided by professionals in the STEM industry, I have been able to set myself up for success by volunteering to enhance my application, creating a bigger digital footprint through networking techniques sought out by professionals on the platform, and finally taking action to gain work experience this summer in order to work my way towards an internship by the end of junior year. I am grateful for the insights and knowledge that has been curated into an inclusive and encouraging community, and for the ability to make meaningful contributions which have grown the scope of the knowledge I wasn’t able to acquire from my counselors at school.



2. Gvantsa T.'s testimonial

1. The advice I have gotten from others has been very helpful in my decisions/career goals! I've been confused about what other classes to take that could help me later down the line as a pre-nursing student. I have specific classes now I'm looking into and ideas of what to do after school as well. How to network, how to look for jobs, ideas about externships. Many things I wasn't even considering!

2. The advice made me feel very happy. I was not expecting such well thought out and from-the-heart responses from the community. They really took their time to go in detail and even shared their own experiences with me.

3. After some advice I have started planning ahead to add extra courses in my pre-requisites recommended by the community that could help me when I decide to advance in my degree. I have also started looking around at local hospitals to see what type of volunteer opportunities they may have to get my foot in the door before I get into nursing school.

3. Jack L.'s testimonial

The advice I received was helpful in my decision making process for the future. The information I found online regarding my question were never clear, with different sides having different answers, so I was unsure what to do. The advice I received made me feel a bit more relieved since I was given the answer I was hoping for.