7. Create a Sustainable Career Plan

7. Create a Sustainable Career Plan

Activity 7 (45 minutes): The goal for this activity is to say thanks to those who gave you advice, update your career goal, and create a post-summer action plan.

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Do Now: Say Thank You

Asking questions on CareerVillage builds support for your path by connecting you to a professional network and mentorship resource. It's time to fortify this network and say thank you to the professionals who gave you advice!

Step 1: Go to www.careervillage.org and sign in.

Step 2: Navigate to your profile to see all of the questions you've asked so far

Step 3: Click into each question and comment on every answer you've received (you may have received multiple per question) and say thanks. Feel free to get creative!

Step 4: Do this for every answer you've received on your questions.

* Bonus points * for those who also ask NEW follow up questions.

Do Now: Update your goal

You've learned that career goals might change over time as you learn more and develop your tastes. It's time to update your goal!

Step 1: Navigate to your profile and update your goal!

Step 2: Don't forget to hit save.

* Bonus points * for those who reflect on how your new career goal compares to the one you already wrote on CareerVillage.

Do Now: Creating a post-summer action plan

What ideas do you have from this summer that you can take with you? Your CareerVillage To Do List isn't going anywhere even when the summer ends!

Step 1: Add to your Career Prep Activities To Do List (steps you can take after SYEP is over to make sure you are career ready!)

Congratulations! You finished our 3 hour curriculum! We recommend you stay active on CareerVillage.org for the rest of your career journey. We want you to feel supported and have a network for asking questions on anything and everything related to your career.