Activity 17

Activity 17

This is Activity #17. It is expected to take 25 minutes. The goal is to update your To Do List, add any new to dos that will help you reach your career goal(s), and most importantly - take action towards items listed on your To Do List(s). If any Professionals have made suggestions, consider whether you'd like to add them to your list too!

Overview video

You will need:

  1. Computer with internet access

Do Now: Post To Do List items

Step 1: Go to and log in

Step 2: Find out from your instructor how many To Do List items you should add for this activity. If your instructor did not assign a specific number of to dos, then add 3 to dos.

Step 3: Navigate to your avatar and click on the "To Dos" button.

Step 4: Update any items on your list that you have completed by checking them as done! If you haven't completed any of your to dos, consider why and make a plan for how you can make progress on them.

Step 5: Check to see if any professionals have provided any suggestions to your to do list(s). Accept/add any suggestions you find helpful.

Step 6: Add any new to do list items you think will help you get closer to your goals. If you created multiple lists, consider which ones you want to make progress on and add.

Pro Tip: Check out other Students' To Do Lists and Q&A to gain insights and inspiration from other Students and Professionals on CareerVillage.

Step 7: With any extra time, start taking action on your to do's! What can you accomplish today?

Step 8: Add to your Reflection Log for Activity 17 and send your instructor your reflection (usually a short written note of 1-5 sentences in the method instructed by your teacher) answering the question "What did you learn today that will help you on your career path?" Use whichever method the teacher has specified.

Pro Tip: Keep track of your reflections throughout the semester to prepare for your Project Status Reports and final presentation, which prompts a reflection on how you've grown.


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