Lesson plan: Bonus DEI Activity

Lesson plan: Bonus DEI Activity

At CareerVillage, we prioritize ensuring students receive advice from professionals with similar backgrounds - whether based on demographics, gender, location, etc. The goal of this bonus activity is to check in with your students to see if they feel supported, understood, and represented on CareerVillage.org. This short (2 minute) survey linked here is designed to assess student sentiments on this topic so that we can know if action needs to be taken to better serve your students.

Note: We administer this survey to all students on CareerVillage quarterly to monitor this balance.

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Reflect on their identity and how the CareerVillage.org community supports, understands and represents them.



  • Internet-connected computer


  • Internet-connected computer

Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is required.

Begin the activity

Step 1: Email instructions to your students

Example email:

Hi Class! Please take this short survey (2 minutes max!) from CareerVillage. Your responses will help them better serve you on your career journeys!

Background Knowledge

  • Instructors should be aware of what career questions on CareerVillage.org look like, and that they will get answered by real working professionals in the days and weeks after they are first posted.
  • Additional resources: The educator resource page is available here.


  • Baseline: Students will complete a DEI Survey designed to measure how they feel supported, understood, and represented with regard to their identity on CareerVillage.org


If you have questions, feedback, or suggestion on this Lesson Plan, please contact us here.