Activity 1

Activity 1

This is Activity #1 in the Introduction Sequence. It is expected to take 15 minutes. The goal is to introduce and explain career readiness, project goals, and tools that will be used on to accomplish these goals. This Activity provides a roadmap for what's ahead.

You will need:

  1. Computer with internet access
  2. Place to take notes (online or Notebook or paper, etc.)

Step 1: Career Status Check

Complete this quick Career Status Check

Please Note: Your results will be shared upon request to your instructor.

Step 2: Watch This Video

Step 3: Copy the Final Project Template

  • Make a copy of our Project Template here.
  • Save this copy to your computer or wherever your instructor has directed you. If your instructor has not given direction, save the file somewhere you'll remember it and can easily find it over the coming months. You will continue to work in this file over the course of these activities.
  • In the "Goals" section of your project template, write down 1-3 careers you find interesting and/or would like to investigate over the coming weeks.

Step 4: Reflect

Make a copy of our Reflection Log template here and save it to the same place you've just saved your Project Template. Send your instructor your reflection (in whichever format they've asked for it)

Pro Tip: Track your reflections throughout the semester in order to better prepare for your final presentation, which asks you to share how you've grown.


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