2020 SYEP Summer Bridge Training

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Video Outline

If you prefer reading: here are the notes Jared used to record the video above.

  • NYC SYEP Summer Bridge 2020 has added CareerVillage.org as an activity to build upon the work the students are already doing with Hats & Ladders and with YDI project based learning.
    • In this video, I'll share how CareerVillage fits into the program, and share with you everything you need to know to get started.
    • CareerVillage is a career advising platform that has an online volunteer corps of 65,000 working professionals who are ready to help your students this summer.
    • Our goal for SYEP Summer Bridge 2020 is to help your students put what they are learning from the rest of your programming into context by getting feedback from working professionals. Our advisors can help at almost every step of your students' journey.
    • In addition to the advice students receive, students using CareerVillage will also finish their summer with a declared career goal and a career to do list filled with practical short actions they can take every week to keep up their progress.
    • To help you use CareerVillage as an instructor, we've put together 7 activities you can assign to your students over several weeks, for a total of about 3 hours of student time. Each activity takes less than half an hour and they are all designed to be very simple for students to complete on their own. You are welcome to kick off activities over live video if you want, but that's completely optional.
    • Altogether, the 7 recommended activities will take about three hours of student time, but should take much less time for you to set up.
In this video I will cover...
  • Introduce CareerVillage.org
  • Live site demo from a student's perspective
  • Demonstrate how you as an educator sign up and where you can access the 7 student activity guides we've created for you.
  • What happens after SYEP
  • How you can get help
  • I'm assuming that you you'll be using this video as a reference guide, so I'll sometimes move pretty quickly through screens. I'm also going to provide you afterward with the actual notes that I used to put together this video, in case you'd like to refer to those. My hope is that you don't need to take notes while watching this video if you don't want to.
What is CareerVillage?
  • Nonprofit Career advising program launched in 2011 with a handful of schools.
  • Now used by over 4.5M in 190 countries.
  • 65,000 volunteers
  • 100% of our program is online, and it uses a very student-centric design.
  • Our program makes students better prepared for careers by helping them develop career goals, understand the steps they need to take to achieve those goals, have a high degree of career self-efficacy, and form habits of career action that make career prep a part of everyday life for them.
What do we want students to do this summer?
  • Get the core CareerVillage experience: declaring a goal, asking questions, building your to do lists
  • ...Twice
Demo: Students should...
  • Sign up
  • Join your class
  • Join the SYEP group
  • Career Goal
  • Ask questions
  • To Do List
  • (And do it all a second time!)
Your role as a DYCD Provider
  • Get an invite code by signing up as an educator
  • Review the 7 activities we've created (class.careervillage.org)
    • These are self-guided
    • Each one has a video and a Do Now list.
  • Tell your students when to do each of the 7 CV activities
  • Protip: coach your kids to help them make the most of CareerVillage.
    • [3 tips for what to look for?]
What happens at the end of SYEP?
  • The students can continue using CareerVillage FOREVER!
  • You can stay involved too
    • Give advice
    • Use with other students
    • Reach out to us to get help or learn what's new
How to get help
  • Office hours (schedule to be announced)
  • email: hello@careervillage.org
Immediate next steps
  1. Go to careervillage.org and start looking through some of the student content to familiarize yourself with what student questions tend to look like.
  2. Sign up as an educator to get that invite code
  3. Read the seven SYEP activities on class.careervillage.org
  4. Begin scheduling your activities into your program plans
  5. Please feel free to email us at hello@careervillage.org to say hi!
Thank you!

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