Lesson plan: Activity 9

Lesson plan: Activity 9

This is the 9th activity in the Introduction Sequence. In this activity students will complete their final Career Status Check. This activity should take you 5 minutes to set up and should take students 15 minutes to complete.

Learning Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Complete the final Career Status Check (CAAS-SF and Career Engagement Survey)



  • Internet-connected computer


  • Internet-connected computer

Advanced Preparation

None necessary.

Begin the activity

To assign the activity to your students, email them:

  • This web page for the activity plan
  • Instructions on how to show evidence they have completed the Career Status Check.

Example email:

Hi Class! Today you will be completing your final Career Status Check. This will be identical to the one you took in Activity 1. Please follow this link to the activity that has a Career Status Check waiting for you to complete. Please complete this activity by [DUE DATE HERE] When you are done, please send me proof that you have completed this Career Status Check. This could be a screenshot of the end screen.

Background Knowledge

  • Additional resources: The educator resource page is available here.


  • Baseline: Students will complete a Career Status Check showing progress on career maturity, career engagement, and other related measures. Educators who request it will be sent a copy of student results at the class level. To request results, please contact us here. We will work to get you results as soon as possible.
Please Note: We can only give score results for students that are in your CareerVillage classroom.


If you have questions, feedback, or suggestion on this Lesson Plan, please contact us here.