1. Get started with CareerVillage

1. Get started with CareerVillage

Activity 1 (25 minutes): Now that you've built your profile on Hats and Ladders, it's time to build one on CareerVillage.org.

Overview Video

Do Now: Create your CareerVillage.org account

  1. Go to CareerVillage.org and click 'Sign Up' at the top right corner
  2. Create an account as a Student
  3. If you have one, add your educator's invite code (this would have been emailed to you). You can always add this later if need be.
  4. Join the SYEP Summer Bridge 2020 group here.
  5. Ask your first career-related question - it's okay if it's simple, you'll have plenty of time to perfect the art of asking questions this summer!
  6. Explore a few hashtags that catch your attention

All done! You've finished Activity 1. For the next activity, go here.