2. Declare Your Career Goal

2. Declare Your Career Goal

Activity 2 (25 minutes): The goal for this activity is to create a career goals statement.

Now that you've found some hats that suit your personality and completed a few primer courses, it's time to think about a career goal. Don't worry about your goal being perfect, you can always change it whenever you want.

Overview Video

First, watch this video (hyperlink) to guide you through creating your first goal!

Do Now: Write your first career goal

Step 1: Go to www.careervillage.org and sign in

Step 2: Click on your avatar and then hit 'Profile'

Step 3: You'll see 'My Career Goal' on the lefthand side

Step 4: Click 'Add Career Goal' to write in your goal. If you have multiple goals, simply write them all in this text and number them 1, 2, 3, etc.

Step 5: Click save after you have written out your goal

* Pro Tip * If you have extra time, check out other students goals by clicking to their profiles!

All done! You've finished Activity 2. For the next activity, go here.